Can I return my item?
Yes! we offer returns on some of our items, please see our Shipping and Returns Page here.
    How much is shipping?
    Free within Australia! Calculated at checkout for International.
      Do you ship internationally?
      Yes! Please see our Shipping and Returns Page here.
        How do I know the items are authentic?
        All items sent to Bag of Roses are authenticated before listing on site. If the owner of the item wishes to keep the item and list on our site through our Keep Your Item offering (learn more here), then they must provide a receipt of purchase and/or authencity card. We can offer recommendation to sellers on where they can get their items authenticated. 
          What condition will the item be in?
          All product pages will include condition details and photos of the items. Any defects will be highlighted.
            All our bags and shoes will be cleaned prior to listing if the seller has used our Sell Your Item feature. Please check the product page of your item to see what options are applicable.
              Do you offer re-soling on shoes?
              Yes we do! If you are buying shoes, please let us know during checkout if you would like them re-soled and we can organise this for you.
              Can you find an item for me?
              We sure can! Please visit our Request an Item page.


                How much can I get for my designer item?
                1. Whether its handbags, shoes or accessories, we can provide a fast quote on how much our experts believe you can sell the item.
                2. Choose to send your item to Bag of Roses, or keep your item and post a listing on our site. We will work with you once the item is sold.
                3. Free shipping to Bag of Roses - registered post with signature on delivery!
                  Please see our Selling Page here. Quotes will be determined based on the item itself and the condition in which it is being sold. We will consider the offering prices that sellers would like to receive.
                    Do I need to send you my bag to sell?
                    No you don’t! Our aim is get our clients luxury items sold as soon as possible. We have two options for selling and listing on the Bag of Roses site. This is to ensure items are sold and the process is easy no matter how you wish to sell. 
                      If you would like us to take care of the whole process, then our Send Your Item offering is the best option for you. Please visit our Selling Page here.
                        What type of photos do I need?
                        Bag of Roses likes to ensure that all items are properly showcased to our buyers. Therefore sellers must include a minimum of 6 photos that highlight all the features of the bag. Please visit our Selling Page here.