Sell your luxury item with Bag of Roses

Want to help fund your next purchase or save some extra cash? We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your little loves, so we make the process easy and hassle free!

We understand that selling your items can seem like a lot of work, so our goal is to get your item sold as soon as possible. Therefore our two selling options make it quick and easy:


KEEP YOUR ITEM (10% fee)  

We understand that sometimes you need your item sold asap, so just like other auction sites, we allow you to keep your item and organise postage once the item has sold. 

Once we have a buyer, the payment is processed through our site, where the listing fee is removed and the remaining amount sent to your bank account. Due to the nature of this listing, please ensure that you keep us updated on your item and contact Bag of Roses if you wish the item to be removed from the site. Any sold items that are no longer available will be subject to the admin fee as set in the Terms and Conditions.

Keep your item listings must include a receipt of purchase.

Don't have the receipt? No worries, there are a few online luxury authenticators - please get your item authenticated and provide the certificate when listing your item.


SEND YOUR ITEM (25% fee)  

Want all the hassle from selling done for you? Send your item to us and Bag of Roses will handle the entire process from start to finish.

We will organise your item to be picked up, cleaned and authenticated before listing on site. Once the item is sold, the payment is made to you excluding the fee. 

Please provide photos of your items that include: your name card, top angle, bottom angle, sides, wear and tear, inside shots and inclusions. If you are sending your item to Bag of Roses then all further product shots will be done by our team.


Please note that we release the funds to your account once the item has reached the buyer and all returns terms and conditions have been met.

To make sure all our items are of the highest quality, please check that the designer of your item is accepted on our site here.

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